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EE BIOL C177 | EE BIOL C234 – Practical Computing for Evolutionary Biologists and Ecologists

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – UCLA

A general trend within nearly all fields of biology has been an explosion in
the availability of data. As a result, biology is becoming increasingly computational. The goals of this course are to provide you with the tools you need to manipulate and analyze common sources of biological information such as such as text output from computer programs and electronic data bases. You will learn the basics of shell operations, regulation expressions, and the fundamentals of python programming including control statements, reading and writing of files, and scripting. You will also learn specialized libraries for programming in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Instructors: Dr. Mike Alfaro and Gaurav Kandlikar
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ECEV 32000. Computing Skills for Biologists

Department of Ecology and Evolution – University of Chicago

The class is centered on building a strong computational toolbox for biologists. It encompass a variety of programming languages (Bash, Python, R) and tools (UNIX shell, Git, Regular Expressions, LaTeX, Databases). Each week, a different topic is discussed, a few exercises are solved together in class, and (much) longer exercises are assigned as homework. The homework is not graded, but is essential for getting anything out of the class. Because each topic is treated quite briefly, students are encouraged to read more about the tools presented in class (a reading list is provided for each tool). Rigor and reproducibility of data analysis, as well as good coding style and organization are emphasized. At the end of the Quarter, the students produce a “final project”, where they tackle and solve a substantial computational problem stemming from their own research.

Instructor: S. Allesina     Terms Offered: Winter
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